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At Castle, we consider every employee as family. That’s why we take no chances when it comes to our teams safety. We encourage safety as a culture, not a course, and we honor that inside and outside of work. Safety for yourself and others isn’t just a practice, it’s a commitment.

Safety Culture

Our mission is to continuously evolve the Castle safety culture in which our team members live and work. We support safety through multiple levels of personal responsibility that extend far beyond the worksite. Whether it’s hiring practices, training, or the safety policies and procedures laid out for our team, we encourage a culture of safe behavior both on and off the job.

Personal Responsibility

We’ve been in the business long enough to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of worksite environments. Our training and education are specialized to identify potential safety issues. Each Castle employee is empowered to ensure the safety of themselves and others before proceeding into an uncertain environment.

Risk Management

We are aware of the potential risks that come with any job. These risks can have an impact on our clients, the public, and our environment. That is why we actively seek new safety protocols to implement and encourage open communication. Every member of Castle shares responsibility for each other, our clients, the public, and the environment.

Forward Thinking

At Castle, we pride ourselves on forward-thinking, stopping accidents before they can occur. Our mission benefits all partners by minimizing exposures, reducing incidents, and cultivating a positive environment, both for our employees and our partners throughout construction.